Friday, April 2, 2010

2010 SPHL Playoffs: Game 1

So, we're here in Biloxi to face the #1 Mississippi Surge in the SPHL Playoffs. Game 1 is tonight at the Mississippi Gulf Coast Coliseum. We're pretty well rested, having made the trip here yesterday after practice. We left Columbus just after 1pm EDT, and arrived at the rink just after 5pm CDT. We unloaded and unpacked and headed to the hotel. Then we had a nice team dinner at Salute, an Italian restaurant right next to the hotel.

The boys are in pretty good spirits and I really think we're as ready as we can be for this series. The last 4 days were probably the best 4 practices we've had all season...certainly the best series of 4 practices in a row. We've had video sessions and gone over the game plan and I think we've done everything we can to get ready for this series.

I know most people around the league probably don't give us much of a chance, but I really like what I see out of this team right now. I've thought all season long that we are a better team than our record shows. Now it's time to prove it. The last 56 games don't matter anymore. Only what happens from here on out matters.

The Surge have a good team, clearly. But their whole game is built around their power play, and in the playoffs there usually aren't that many power plays handed out. We just have to stay disciplined. If anybody has a chance to beat them, I think it's us. I've seen what this team is capable of and when we play our game we're just about unbeatable. The only question is whether the boys will play up to their potential. I guess we'll find out tonight. It's going to be a good series. Go Snakes!

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